About Black Hills Gear

Black Hills Gear is US Veteran owned company that fabricates Silencer/Suppressor MAD (Mirage Abatement Device) wraps which mitigate heat mirage thus enabling proper target acquisition. Suppressors can generate extreme heat temperatures while on the range, hunting with thermal night vision, or at say a long range competition. This endeavor started with using other covers on the market that wouldn’t stay in place and charred away after minimal use. We test and evaluate our gear and always welcome feedback from our much appreciated customers. All Black Hills Gear is USA made and sources all materials from US suppliers.


About The Owner

My Name is Paul Sheets, and I recently retired from 9 yrs. crane operating after 25 year USAF Parachute Rigger/Survival Equipment Specialist career. Learning a vast knowledge of various fabric textiles, fabrication and repairs on various life-sustaining equipment required for aircrew personnel, I decided to use my experience with the different textiles as a rigger in the Survival Equipment arena has enabled the attention to detail and God willing started small company Black Hills Gear, with a goal of providing a top quality product to the shooting community. I am an avid outdoorsman that loves the Lord and all His creations, family, and our Constitutional Rights! Thanks to all those that served and are serving whether in Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire Fighters!


God Bless the USA!!!!